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My Tumblr

I rarely, if ever, update this journal. So if you'd like to follow me someplace I update daily feel free to add me on tumblr:

I post a lot of lolita images, art, crafts, geekdom/fandom stuff, randomstuff, reviews, and more. I'm pretty entertaining and crazy so feel free to follow me. =)
Finally! After much waited time my EGLFeedback page is up. Please leave feedback there if you've bought something from me. Thank you. =)

EGL_Feedback Page URL:

You can also leave me feedback on this LJ by leaving a comment in this post if the sale was made outside of EGL Sales Comm in some way -- IE: Like via tumblr, facebook, etc..

Please include the following:
Type of feedback:
Where you the Buyer or Seller
Overall experience:
Accuracy of item description:
Shipping method and rating:

Sorry, this journal is friends only. I don't post much on this LJ anyway. I use it mainly to leave comments on the various communities I lurk around on, or to buy/sell things.

However, if you think I sound like an interesting person and you really want to add me, please feel free to leave a comment and I'll add you.